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Learn to Take Great Animal Photos

Chris Gomersall's Upcoming Book Shows you How

Looking for a way to celebrate and enrich your love of animals? Need another excuse to get out into nature and animal-watch? If so, consider trying your hand at wildlife photography! With Chris Gomersall's upcoming book Wildlife Photographer: A Course in Creative Photography, learning all you need to know to start taking stunning, artistic animal photographs will be a breeze. Although the book does cover some of the technical aspects of wildlife photography, the focus is mainly on creativity. Gomersall, a full-time wildlife photographer for over two decades and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2007, shares his unique artistic insights and deep admiration for animals in this inspiring and informative hardcover volume. Readers will learn how to best capture animals on film by mastering the arts of lighting, timing, creating a visual narrative, and more. Also included are sixteen case studies, in-depth examinations of the author's own wildlife photographs with explanations and anecdotes about how each magnificent shot was achieved.

As the book acknowledges in its slant and focus, there is much more to photography than just the technical aspects. Creating photographs that are truly breathtaking is an art, not a science, and Gomersall's book makes this concept crystal clear. Appropriate for beginners as well as more experienced photographers, if you have a love of animals and have ever thought about photographing them, this upcoming title is worth a look. Wildlife Photographer: A Course in Creative Photography is slated for release just after the new year, this January 10th, 2012, from Frances Lincoln publishers.