Great Animal Book, Trivia Book, and Concept Book

Great Animal Book, Trivia Book, and Concept Book

Big and Little by Marilyn Easton Has it All

Big and Little by Marilyn Easton is a delightful animal book that teaches kids interesting facts about the animals that share our world. Published by Scholastic Books in 2011, this paperback title is an affordable, entertaining choice for young readers.

The book explores a series of adult animals and their babies—one page describes a cat, the next page a kitten. Each animal name is written in a bold typeface at the bottom of the page, making it easier for beginning readers to learn these animal words.

Interesting information about each animal is presented in an easy-to-read style, making this book an entertaining and enjoyable book to have your child read out loud. Find out why puppies sleep so much, learn how to decipher your cat's meows, discover how many teeth a lamb has, uncover the secret of the giraffe's long tongue, and explore many other fascinating facts about animals.

Animals featured in Big and Little include elephants, chimpanzees, pandas, cats, dogs, sheep, lions, polar bears, kangaroos, hippos, horses, cows, ducks, giraffes, and sea lions, depicted and described in both their mature adult stage and also in their baby stage.

The book is illustrated with full-color, up-close photographs of actual animals, making this book a really solid guide for some basic animal information to present to the youngest readers. Big and Little is also a great concept book, teaching the difference in big and little, adult and baby.

If you're looking for a charming, fun, and educational animal book for young readers, Big and Little should be at the top of your list.