April 2010

Hey, Little Ant

Many of us find it challenging to teach children about respecting animals. Indeed, with so many violent television programs, people being arrested for abusing animals every day, and the way we treat our animals raised for food, it’s a wonder they don’t intrinsically wish to harm them upon birth. So when little Jimmy smacks the cat with a stick, instead of being shocked and wondering why he did this, we should be prepared to help show him why it’s not something we do.

Odds are, if children are young, they just want to see what will happen if they strike an animal; but no matter the age, it’s important to nip such actions in the bud as soon as possible by making kids aware of what it means to be humane people and how to take care of our fellow creatures on this planet. One book that can help do this is Phillip and Hannah Hoose’s Hey, Little Ant.