July 2011

Usborne’s Eggs and Chicks

My daughter is in a huge egg phase. In fact, she’s sort of been in it for years. If something is either in an egg or involves an egg, from chickens to dinosaurs, she will be totally into it. The funny thing is, she won’t eat an egg—not out of principle, just yet, but because she doesn’t seem to like them anymore.

So we purchased the Usborne book, Eggs and Chicks, by Fiona Patchett. Like all of Usborne’s young children’s books, it was very affordable at $4.99, and it featured much of the sweet chick and egg artwork that she craves regularly. Many different types of birds are covered, too—not just chickens. The penguins, of course, were her favorites, but other notable birds in the book include fairy terns, cuckoo birds, weaverbirds, and several other species.