October 2011

The Mystical Side of Animals

 Do you love animals so much that you find them appearing in your dreams? Ever wonder what messages these dream animals might be delivering? Well, you can soon find out. Spirit and Dream Animals: Decipher their Messages, Discover your Totem (November 2011, Llewellyn Publications), is a new book by bestselling author Richard Webster. Slated for release this November, this 264-page trade paperback is interesting, enlightening, and entertaining. Webster offers lots of easy, fun techniques for helping you identify and connect with your “spirit animal”--these are the animals that serve as your personal guides and protectors. They often appear in dreams, or become your favorite animal in waking life. This book fully explains this concept while providing the tools you need to discover your own special animal guide. Also included is an extensive dream dictionary, including the meanings behind over 150 animals that might visit you during dream time. Animal symbolism from various cultures around the world is also explored, and Webster even includes instructions for using lucid dreaming, astrology, meditation, and even dancing to help you further connect with the spiritual, mystical side of the animal world.

The author of over 100 books, this isn't the first time Webster has written about animals. In fact, if you've ever seen your dog or cat looking at you like they know what you're thinking, you might want to check out his 2002 title, Is Your Pet Psychic?: Developing Psychic Communication with your Pet (May 2002, Llewellyn Publications). Whether you love animals and you want to examine the mystical meanings people attach to them, or your dreams have been riddled with furry creatures and you want to know why, Spirit and Dream Animals is a great book and an interesting read that satisfies curiosity and inspires wonder.