June 2012

Amphibiana: Warty Toads

Kids will love this informative and entertaining installment.

If your child loves any kinds of amphibians or reptiles, or you’re simply looking for a great series of books to help supplement your science learning, the Amphibiana series from Bearport Publishing might be right up your alley. This interesting and fun-to-read series includes books such as Amazing Water Frogs, Slimy Salamanders, and Little Newts. Other titles in the series include Tricky Tree Frogs, Leaping Ground Frogs, and the book my daughter and I just finished, Warty Toads.

We have been looking into getting a fire-bellied toad—I had a few as a child, but I honestly can’t remember much about their care—after receiving a free aquarium from my aunt, and I thought this book might help us better understand the animal as well as toads in general. My daughter and I just made a few toad homes in our yard out of broken flower pots we had around (we painted them and put them on their sides, filling them up part-way with a bit of soil), so we might even spot some of the toads we’ve seen in the book.